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Gain Balance and Improve Your Relationships

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Are you struggling with disconnection in your most important relationships, leading to loneliness, resentment, and angst?

Are you in the middle of a crisis of some sort, wondering what the next chapter of your life will look like?

Do you feel deeply disconnected from your true nature, or have no idea how to find your way back to it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place.

Stacy Dicker, PhD

I am an author and clinical psychologist in private practice who has seen clients for the last twenty years. In my experience, understanding the power of your own temperament and personality – the filter through which you experience your life – is the missing link to improved living. 

Psychological astrology, or psychstrology, can help us better understand our unique personality traits and personal temperament in order to connect with ourselves and others on a deeper level, which can lead to truly extraordinary shifts.

Psychology and astrology share a strong, mutually influential dynamic. Discovering our individual birth chart helps us to better understand our unique personality traits and temperament, and to gain insight as to why we respond to our unique environments in particular ways. When it comes to understanding who we are, using both lenses of psychology and astrology together yields much more insight than either one alone. If we are open to receiving its insights, astrology can help us uncover our own missing pieces and evolve in more conscious, creative ways.

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