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About Psychstrology

Psychology and astrology share a strong, mutually influential, nature/nurture type of dynamic. Uncovering our astrological nature helps us to better understand our unique personality traits and temperament, including our multiple parts and deepest psychological defenses, and to gain insight into why we respond to our unique environments (the nurture) in the particular ways we do. When it comes to understanding who we are, using both lenses of psychology and astrology together yields much more insight than either one alone. If we are open to receiving its insights, the mirror of psychological astrology (psychstrology) can help us uncover our own missing pieces and evolve in more conscious, creative ways.


One of the most useful applications of psychological astrology is its ability to support you in knowing yourself better. We are all made up of parts, and applying a psychological lens to the birth chart gives us an incredible opportunity to objectively see ourselves as the multiplicitous totalities we are.

In my experience, understanding the profoundly nuanced nature of your own astrological temperament and personality – the filter through which you experience your life and all of its complexity – is the missing link to improved living. Psychological astrology provides a wise, objective mirror for you to look into. You can then bring that self-awareness into the important relationships in your life, and it can help you empathize and have more compassion for the other people in your life as well.

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In this day and age, healing the parts of ourselves we don’t know or understand well is especially important. When we feel alienated from others, it’s often the case that we’re cut off from some part of ourselves. Empathy and compassion start with the self and radiate outward. Empathy and compassion are our only true path to healing, as individuals and as a people.

In psychological astrology, the things we can observe are the synchronicities; they provide a deeply resonating sense of accuracy and feeling seen, which validates astrology and also helps us become more aware of our interconnectedness as a collective whole. This profoundly intricate cosmos includes all of us in its web!

What we see in the mirror of astrology’s symbolism is illuminated by our own intuition and inner imagination. If you are open to looking into it, the mirror of psychological astrology will reflect and reveal your own true self back to you, greatly enriching your life.

Meet Stacy

Stacy Dicker, PhD


…is a clinical psychologist in private practice who has been seeing clients for more than twenty years, and she taught university psychology courses for almost ten. She presented at the annual ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology) Conference in May 2022 about using psychological astrology to cultivate more empathy and compassion for ourselves and others. She advocates combining psychology and astrology to help us grow in the direction of balance and wholeness, individually and as a profession.


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