Meet Stacy

Stacy Dicker, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in private practice. She has been seeing psychotherapy clients for more than twenty years, and taught courses on eating disorders and adult psychotherapy to upper-level psychology majors at the University of Colorado, Boulder, for nearly ten years. She presented at the annual ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology) Conference in May 2022 about using psychological astrology to cultivate more empathy and compassion for ourselves and others. She advocates combining psychology and astrology to help us grow in the direction of balance and wholeness, individually and as a profession.

Her interest in astrology was first sparked by Linda Goodman’s famous book Love Signs more than thirty years ago. A longtime student of astrology, Stacy has benefited tremendously from using this wise, ancient, and ultimately credible archetypal system to help herself and her clients develop more compassion for their own and others’ natures. The blend of astrology and psychology led her to significantly change her attitude toward her own highly earthy nature, which was no small feat.

Stacy has been a music person since childhood. She has played numerous instruments over the course of her life, starting with piano, and most recently, the drums. Whether listening to it or playing it, music has always been an integral part of her life. Nothing—besides dogs—makes her happier than when she gets to see her favorite bands perform live. She is a huge fan of meaningful connection and good communication, loves to travel with her husband, Jeremy, and has been known to make a game of Cards Against Humanity go on way too long.

Stacy Q & A at the Boulder Book Store
Boulder Book Store author event, Stacy Dicker

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