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About the Book

Psychology is all about relationships, with ourselves and other people. Astrology gives us a code to learn the raw materials that we and other people are made of so we can better understand the dynamics that play out in our lives and relationships.

Psychstrology, or psychological astrology, can help us cultivate more compassion for ourselves and others, which can lead to truly extraordinary shifts. Carl Jung appreciated astrology because the signs, or archetypes, point to the inextricable connection between us as a collective whole. Besides helping us develop more empathy, being aware of our interconnectedness is especially important during these divided and uncertain times.

    This book will empower you to:

    • cultivate deeper self-compassion.

    • develop an understanding of your particular and unique temperament and personality traits. 

    • identify the benefits and challenges of your astrological nature.

    • use synchronicity to align with your true self and the next right step.

    • enhance your closest relationships.

    • grow in the direction of balance and wholeness.

    Book available in paperback or as an e-book.

    “Psychstrology is a unique guide to integrating psychology and astrology. Dr. Stacy Dicker clearly elucidates how the archetypes of astrology can support clinicians and clients alike in broadening their understanding of the dynamics of relationships, whether between parents, partners, families, or coworkers. She includes excellent examples of the synchronicities that led her to realize the universal applicability of this ancient archetypal system.

    The book also discusses some of the major life cycles defined by astrology, such as the Saturn return. Dr. Dicker lays out an easily accessible use of the Sun, Moon, and rising signs as a method to unlock the wisdom available to those interested in increasing their therapy tools. Helpful charts are included for the reader to explore their primary astrological archetypes and those of others.

    As an astrologer, I highly commend her work, which creates a much-needed bridge between the field of psychotherapy and the ancient practice of astrological counsel.”

    —Patricia Liles, Astrologer

    “Dr. Stacy Dicker explores two complex disciplines, psychology and astrology, in a way that makes them approachable and relevant for everyone, then brings the two together in perfect harmony. Interweaving her personal journey throughout makes this read all the more compelling.

    Stacy has bridged a gap that has been too wide for too long, and lets the reader get to know her along the way. Her courage will serve all seekers in unfolding self-awareness and joy.”

    —Lauren Skye, Director of Inner Connection Institute and author of Spiritual Amnesia: A Wake Up Call to What You Really Are

    “Brilliant, lucidly written, and intimate in tone, Psychstrology is an extraordinary integration of healing wisdom from a variety of traditions. It is practical, educational, easy to use, and immensely valuable to those offering healing as well as those seeking it. Anyone can benefit from this gem.”

    —Dr. Heather LaChance, PhD, DCEP, owner of Compassion in Practice LLC, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and CO State Representative for ACEP

    “In Psychstrology, Dr. Stacy Dicker offers an intuitively appealing framework to describe individual personality traits and patterns and interpersonal interaction patterns that invites the reader to scrutinize and even challenge what they believe about themselves and why they act the way they do, especially with significant others.

    Dr. Dicker presents her approach to using zodiac signs with sufficient recognition of the broader context of the many variables that impact a person’s behavior that the reader is not required to assign specific validity to particular statements or predictions. Rather, the reader can simply choose to use her approach as an intriguing opportunity to consider the possibility that they may have overlooked some important aspects of themselves or others, and to treat themselves and others more compassionately.

    The book provides a rich vocabulary to talk about needs, wants, fears, and motivations, which can help the reader consider how they may live with greater ease within themselves, understand the patterns they recognize, and grow through consideration of their shadow selves.”

    —Dr. Linda Craighead, PhD, Director of Clinical Training at Emory University and author of The Appetite Awareness Workbook and Training Your Inner Pup to Eat Well

    “As someone who found a Jungian therapist through an astrologer, I was thrilled when I started reading Psychstrology. Dr. Stacy Dicker has a wonderful ability to weave the many principles of psychology and astrology together in a clear, informative, and fascinating manner.

    While many astrology books include descriptions of the twelve astrological signs, Stacy’s unique approach illuminates new facets of each sign. I immediately wanted to look up the signs of friends, family members, and clients for new revelations.

    While this book works on many levels, including as an introduction to astrology and a helpful relationship guide, the insight and wisdom found in it transcend one simple category. I look forward to adding Psychstrology to my library, and plan to refer to its wise approach on a regular basis.”

    —Geri Bellino, Intuitive Astrologer

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